I Blame the Cobagitator


So this mystery AWESOME person cobagitated onto Three Bulls! some cool new headers for our page, and one of the headers had the lovely and talented MB-B on it.  Of course nothing could be more 3B than MB-B.  But what did I proceed to do last night?  Dream about MB-B.  I can’t give tons of details because another person in the dream I work with, and since outing of Pinko Punko is an omnipresent possibility, I can’t dish on work cobaggery, but here is the dream:

I had to babysit these three kids, a girl and a boy and some non-descript baby.  Nothing really happened.  Then the parents got home.  The parents were MB-B (radiant and youthful) and this person I work with.  A person who may be described as X,Y, and Z.  Let’s just say he doesn’t know karate in the same was that James Brown doesn’t.  And they hated each other.  She was the responsible one, and he was kind of the messed up one.  She still totally had to bust his hump when they came home, and they were totally yelling at ech other, but then she said “would you just shut up for one second so I can pay the babysitter?” to him, and then she turned to me and said “I’m so sorry for all of this.  I hope the children were good for you.”  And I was thinking, lady, you gotta lose his guy.  The kids were upset that their parents were fighting and the baby started to cry and I was “I just gotta get out of here.”  Deep down I was excited to have met young Meredith Baxter-Birney, though. 

8 Responses to “I Blame the Cobagitator”

  • Of course nothing could be more 3B than MB-B.

    Well, really, MB-B-B would be more 3B.

    But is MB-B more 2B, or does B-B=0, in which case it’s not 2B?

    That is the question.

    (Actually, the question is probably whether instead of Cobagitation Points™, this comment deserves some kind of ShoeLimpet Points…)

  • HARHAR!!!!1!! Merdith Baxtr-Bernie wuz teh HOT on facts of life with Michael Keaton (top conservative on TV before Jack Bauer)and his sitser Justine Bateman!!! Then she got bilimea on that movie and smokd heroine and lost her baby and had to get Sally Field to find the baby. What a stupid to loose her baby to sAlly Feild!!!1!!!

    EAT IT, SALLLY FEELDS!!!1!!@1!!!!

  • Oh hellz no.

    Wasn’t she on Good Times?

  • omg, Betty Broderick!

  • I think Chef summed up my feelings about MB-B best:

    Tonight is right for love, you know I
    Wanna touch you where the lights don’t go
    Tonight is right for love (With Meredith Baxter-Birney)

    Expressing love so sweet,
    I’ll keep you burning like a dog in heat
    Tonight is right for love (With Meredith Baxter-Birney)

    We had a love that was so magical
    With Meredith Baxter-Birney burning, burning in my soul
    I’m not talking about Meredith Baxter-Birney today, no
    I’m talking about Meredith Baxter-Birney that was on Family Ties two years ago

  • She’s Baxter-Birney-Babe. She gets 5000 points for existing.

  • I’ve always thought MB-B was really pretty — but, let me be a cobageress and offer a couple of exceptions to her said prettiness.

    First of all, in that photo up there, her left eye is all 666 evil. It’s trying to penetrate your thoughts.

    Secondly, her mouth is too pursed permanently — and it’s always been a distraction for me. I think she may need collegen injections in her lips.

    Other than that! She’s a babe!

  • Oh barf. Barf, barf, barf. What kind of choad dreams about MB-B

    Also, this:

    EAT IT, SALLLY FEELDS!!!1!!@1!!!!

    Made me shoot coffee out of my nose. Ouch.

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