Telly Savalas and Desi Arnaz- ROWR!

Jennifer sends us this season opener- thanks, Jennifer!



She writes:

I had these two dreams relatively close together. I was obviously steeped in the horn-dogginess of youth… both dreams were about intimate knowledge of two famous men. One was Desi Arnaz and the other was Telly Savalas. All I remember about Desi was being in the bathtub with him. I think I was even a little disgusted during the dream, not only upon waking. I don’t remember any particulars except how livery Desi’s lips looked…

I remember a tad more about Telly. I was doing the Vendulu [Intriguing. Wait, what?? -Ed] thing with Telly in the middle of Wasson’s department store. We were underneath some hanging rack of nasty polyester clothes. I’m not sure what was worse, getting caught, or being with Telly. Hindsight tells me it was being with Telly.

I have nothing against Telly or Desi, but they are not my cup of tea. I think my subconscious was just being a smart ass. Or maybe… maybe I was indeed steeped in horn-doginess and just needed a MAN, BABY! Both Desi and Telly were stereotypical macho specimens. Telly with his bald head and Desi… well he was Mr. Latin. Maybe my hormones were just telling me to go find a man and stop trying to focus on finals!!!

Curse their sexy wiles!  They put a spell on you!1!! Also, yikes!!!!!

10 Responses to “Telly Savalas and Desi Arnaz- ROWR!”

  • this is the weirdest, and best way to start a season!

  • I need to get back to writing down my dreams every morning. My Pacman vs Bruce Lee featuring Hope Chest dream needs to be topped.

    On topic, Jennifer provides no details and we are saddened.

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    Jennifer, I’m disturbed and aroused at the same time. Well done!

  • First off, Pshaw! to Jennifer for having such naughty, naughty dreams.

    Just kidding! Naughty dreams are fun.

    Not that I know first hand. Just from what I’ve heard.

    Uh, huh! From what I’ve heard they’re kind of fun.

    Shut up!

    I want to know though. What are these vendulu shenanigans of which she speaks?

  • Egads… even though it’s been YEARS since having had those dreams… I still get a sick shiver when I think of them… and thank GAWD they’ve never become recurring!!!

    Kudos on the images Pinko! I somehow feel less ashamed… but Desi’s lips…

  • Telly is kind of a Manwich, t’ain’t he?

  • Why yes… now that I look at him like that… not surrounded by polyester clothes, why yes, yes, he is a bit of a Manwich.

    Oh dear LORD! My daughter just walked in and said, “Those men look odd!” The shame has returned!!! At least she didn’t know these men had *known* her mother in an REM kind of way… REM has never sounded so tawdry. Or maybe it stands for rapid emu movement…

  • You know if you put Desi’s hair on Telly’s head they wouldn’t look that different.

    They’re both sort of hot but based on those pictures I’d choose Telly.

  • Gregor.


    What are you talking about?

    Look at Desi’s arm movements!

    What more could a girl ask for?

  • You know… Telly actually looks like he’s getting ready to do the Babaloo move. I think they both studied with Martha Graham.

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