Ozzy Osbourne

This one wasn’t as detailed as Chuckles’ usually are because it just didn’t last that long.

Ozzy and I were going out for sushi and we ended up at a sushi-boat sushi bar.  Now I have never been to a sushi-boat sushi-bar with the conveyor belt actually going, but it seemed as natural as kiss-my-hand.  This is how dreams are.  Anyway, Ozzy and I are stuffing our faces with yummy sushi but he is totally hammered (as usual I guess, or maybe he just seems that way).  He was kind of acting like a drunken muppet.  What I mean by that is Ozzy always reminds me of Animal from the muppets, and he was just being very amiable and wasted.  The problem is I wanted him to sing “Iron Man” and he just couldn’t get the words out.  So I grabbed his cheeks with my fingers and I sang the song while moving his mouth like the neighbor mom in Better Off Dead making what’s-her-name say “Christ-mas Christ-mas” except I wasn’t saying “Christ-mas” I was saying “I am Iron Man!”

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