Stephen Colbert and Helob-Chuckles Guest Post

[PP adds- this is amazing, because the dream I will post for tomorrow fits this theme, also nothing could be more Chuckles than this dream]

Chuckles dreams:

Steven Colbert and I were walking around the Mall and he was heckling the monuments and museums for not having enough Imperialist iconography. We strolled through the Capitol building and he said that while it was clearly a building that emphasized our power as a country, he thought it could do more to display that power. He wanted to mount huge cannons on the various Congressional office buildings, similar to the ones you would see on a battleship. Then we walked into my kitchen and he proceeded to say that he spoke Sindarin and would communicate with my tarantula for me. He took Helob out of his/her/it/bird/spider’s terrarium and was holding her/him/it/bird/spider and stroking him/her/it/bird/spider. Helob started crawling up Steven Colbert’s arm and Steven Colbert became a little antsy at this. He kept replacing Helob on his left palm but Helob kept crawling up his arm. Finally, Steven Colbert put Helob back in his palm and rapped her/him/it/bird/spider with his finger and said something in Elvish. Helob then bit Steven Colbert in the meat of his palm and Colbert threw him/her/it/bird/spider to the floor and started stomping on her/him/it/bird/spider and cursing in Sindarin. I freaked out and cradled the mush of Helob and cried. When my tears hit the battered corpse, Helob came back to life and began cursing at me for not feeding him/her/it/bird/spider enough.

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