Nicole Kidman and Smokey Dog

Continuing our trend of dream cameos featuring celebrities and pets, I had this one Monday night.


So I am in some long, wooden building, like barracks of some kind but it is divided into alcoves of some sort.  Everyone is unpacking.  I think it is a camp of some sort.  I go to the alcove next door because I need to borrow a hanger or something.  This is the first sign that this is a dream.  Well, in the next alcove who is there but Nicole Kidman!  This doesn’t seem like too big a deal in my dream.  She is very polite and helpful, of course.  She sees that Smokey Dog is there and she is happy to see him.  She acts like they are old friends.  She says she’s about to take a nap and she wants to snuggle buggle with Smoke Dog.  I think, well that is very sweet, but I am worried that she could be possibly disappointed in Smokey, or perhaps she has some romanticized notions about dogs in general.  I mention that it would be fine because Smokes loves to snuggle buggle, but does she happen to…know…about full frito?


She says that she is used to dogs and she knows their ways.  I then worry about her waking up covered in dog hair because he sheds like Chewbacca if Chewbacca were a pug dog.  Again, she seems fine with it.  I wake up just as I wonder to myself if Smokes has his butt juice on “squirt”

I’m just too much of a nervous wreck in my dream to feel comfortable with Smokes not stinking or hairing up Nicole Kidman, who seemed quite nice.

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