George Clooney-Mandos Guest Post, and Jennifer Link

Mandos sends us this awesome one below, while Jennifer tries to horn in on our dealio and post her cameo with Martin Bashir at her place. 

Back to the Mandos in question:

I rarely remember my dreams, and that’s why this one is so odd.
Somehow, it involves George Clooney.  It’s not very long and a little vague.

So, George Clooney and I are visiting Western Canada (why we’re in each
other’s company I don’t remember), and we decide to steal money or
something from somewhere, probably to do with oil.  On our team is a
12-year-old girl with dark hair wearing a pink sweatshirt.  Somehow,
we’ve already pulled off the heist, and are using my aunt’s house as a
staging ground.  We have an enormous attack helicopter parked in her
living room (our escape vehicle), where we’re watching TV.  The
12-year-old girl is bored and goes upstairs to play with the other kids.

My aunt lets in some guests, and they turn out to be a SWAT team.  They
somehow fail to notice the attack helicopter in the living room and
instead go upstairs, where the anonymous 12-year-old girl spills the beans.

But I am unconcerned, because I know that George Clooney and his star
power will talk them out of it.  And somehow, he does.

But then I notice that something awful has happened.  Three of my teeth
in a row have just fallen out.  They don’t look like teeth at all, but
they look like little versions of those round bones you sometimes see
inside of big steaks.  I check my mouth in a mirror, and my mouth is
actually full of shark-like teeth, and they’re growing back.  Probably
another consequence of being in the company of George Clooney.  I keep
feeling the gums with my tongue.

Meanwhile, my mother (who is also there) and my aunt scold me for not
taking care of my health (ie, seeing a dentist and other things.  Must
remember to make a dental appointment.)

Anyway, I’m about to start arguing with them, but then I wake up.  I
notice I’ve been feeling my teeth with my tongue the whole time!


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