Hillary Clinton (a Kathleen betrayal)

Betraying us here.

Don’t worry we have an awesome one from Chuckles on deck, plus I’ve got Oprah.

3 Responses to “Hillary Clinton (a Kathleen betrayal)”

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    And it’s a freaking beautiful dream as well. I’m very hurt and jealous. If I ever had celebrity dream cameos, I promise to send them. Part of the problem is my inability to recognize celebrities, so it’s possible I’ve had them without realizing. The closest I’ve come recently involved David Ortiz, but it was bad and we were in a hospital, and I can’t talk about it any further.

  • I thought about emailing you, but I don’t want to be too much of a Three Bulls fan boi

  • Well your betrayal wasn’t half as bad as BG’s betrayal of posting her dream LINKING to YOUR dream.

    I don’t care what the internets say. We’ll always have Big Texas.

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