Katee Sackhoff as Starbuck-mdhatter guest post

I’m still surprised we don’t get more write-ins to this bloggo.  I know that this can only means the dreams we don’t get are super whacked out.  mdhatter sends us a classic wtf but sleazy like YOUR dreams of the genre:

Kara Thrace [Battlestar Galactica.  Starbuck.  I think there are some people I am not reaching.- Pinko]
needed to learn multivariate calculus for a very important
mission. The hangar deck had long since been converted to a lecture
hall, and she sat in the middle of the hundreds of available seats. At
the lectern, 70 or more feet away stood the other person in the room –
my best friend Mr. Christopher X (an ACTUAL math professor). He was
the best Earth had to offer.

I missed most of the dialogue, but the last lines caught my ear –

“…..(unintelligible math garble)”

“What the frak is this!?”

“That’s how we roll here, Starbuck”


(ring ring) (ring ring)

fade to rerun of King of Queens

2 Responses to “Katee Sackhoff as Starbuck-mdhatter guest post”

  • mdhatter is clearly a Cylon.

  • I spent all last week in a cough medicine haze or I would have something to submit here, as I frequently do.

    In the meantime, anything I would be teaching Starbuck, or Katee Sackhoff, would likely be unsuitable for this here bloggio. It does seem extremely apropo that mdhatter was teaching her advanced mathematics because you rarely get what you want in dreams.

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