Oprah Winfrey X2

I noticed that I didn’t share a previous Oprah Cameo in the Pinko subconcious after having an entirely unrelated Oprah appearance just the other day.

Dream 1:

There was some sort or natural disaster- flood or very slow tsunami- that involved waters rising slowly enough for me to randomly run into Oprah, explain to her why I am sometimes disappointed in her worship of comsumerism and her corporatification, and essentially her seeming apotheosis, but I really was saying these things in a friendly way.  She wasn’t exceptionally mad at me and I helped her climb into a tree to escape at least temporarily the rising waters and then I was able to pass her Smokey and Pugsley and then climb the tree myself.  I was happy that I could help her, but I was also happy that she was around so someone could help me save the doggies because otherwise the dream would have been terrible and sad.  It is unclear if she gave me a pile of money.

Dream 2:

The fresh one.  I was on some hike with someone from work who I am mad at, but this hike somehow made me late for some function, and also made me late for being able to check my e-mail.  Since I was unable to check my e-mail in the morning, the following ensued.  I entered a large auditorium that was fairly full of people milling about waiting for the function to start.  Was it Optionetics 2008???  Only the Random Randroid would know.  Anyhoo, I meet Geenie Cola there and I am VERY surprised, but somehow weirdly not THAT surprised to see her milling about with Oprah.  I walk up and Oprah hands me some handouts that are various scientists’ Curriculum Vitaes and I don’t really have a clue what is going on, but Oprah is talking to me like I should know what is going on and I think she might be a little bit put off by my seemingly unprofessional manner.  She says she is excited to work with me on this important issue, and Geenie C. gives me a little bit of the silent communication of “go with the flow, it’s Oprah!!!!!!!!!!” So I do so.  It happens that Oprah sent me an e-mail that I hadn’t had time to read explaining to me that she wanted me to help her find a head for the Oprah Stem Cell Institute (OSCI).  I silently chuckled to myself that UC, stem sell lover and aficianado that he is. Would. Be. So. Pissed.  Those are the breaks!

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  • The Uncanny Canadian

    This is so funny, PP. Please don’t make me have to go to the annual OSCI retreat so I could hear a bunch of over-privileged scientists talk about Oprah’s big chromatin give, where she will be sharing Chip-Seq data with poor scientists from around the country. Also, I think I should be head of the OSCI, since I will make it even more ironic than it already is.

  • I half-assed it on the acronym, I know there is something way more funny out there for us to constantly reference and giggle about.

    Where is fish???

  • “go with the flow, it’s Oprah!!!!!!!!!!”


  • OSCI (really Oski) is the Cal Bears mascot. As you can see here, he looks a little, um, disabled. So the acronym seems appropriate to me. Yes, I am a bad person.

  • I got spam flagged! and my comment was so funny.

    but also bad. I am being JUDGED by your spam filter!!!

  • I like SCRFOOW. Stem Cell Research Foundation of Oprah Winfrey.

  • I didn’t read this before I wrote about my celebrity auditorium dream. If it turns out yours also had golden Buddha I might have to stop sleeping because it would just be too freaky in there.

  • Isn’t the Buddha really in all dreams no matter what?

  • It’s a good thing this CDC wasn’t written in Auditoriu of Stem Cell Institute. Or maybe it was written there.

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