Jennifer, the 3B gang and the Meat Necklace

GC writes in to us:

PP was home with me all excited that the 3B bus was coming to pick him up shortly. The in person 3B reunion was about to happen but he was most excited about the meat necklace that Jennifer had told him she made for him and was bringing to the reunion. He is going on and on to about how excited he is about this necklace and it is the best idea in the world because he can eat meat all night long off of it like a candy necklace but oh so much better. PP tells me that he hasn’t ate all day in anticipation of his meat necklace gift. I look out the front window and up pulls the 3B version of the Partridge Family bus. Jennifer gets out to come to the door and PP runs out to say hello and get his meat necklace. About 2 minutes later he comes back in the house fuming mad. I ask what is wrong and he says, “Jennifer shellacked my f&*kin meat necklace! WHY would anyone shellac meat? Now, I need something to eat because I can’t eat my necklace.” I told PP that I’m sure Jennifer put a lot of time, effort and not to mention thought into making his necklace and he still needed to be nice and say thank you. He was not pleased about this and went storming off back to the bus.

Allow me to add one tiny bit- in the dream GC said I wasn’t so much mad as frustrated and hungry, because I was so looking forward to my meat necklace. Who wouldn’t be?

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