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Holy Schnikes! Adventures in Blue Girl World: Barack Obama and AG(!) WTF?

Totally heart this one from a Blue Girl catnap. BG sent this along in an e-mail- if you wouldn’t mind mentioning, tell us if you’ve ever had some blog cobag show up randomly in a dream, and be honest, teh l4m3.

My husband and I, along with my husband’s brother — who in the dream doesn’t look like his brother — but more like one of the guys from Law and Order, pull up and park in front of a store and we are discussing politics. My brother-in-law is a Republican so he’s going on and on about how all we do is Hate Bush and we have no other ideas. At the same time he and my husband are punching each other and goofing around like 8th graders. And I’m thinking, “God, what does he even know? He’s so little!”

We have to climb an embankment to get to the store. We walk in and my brother-in-law and my husband disappear. I decide it’s the perfect time to straighten my hair and pull my straightener out of my purse and plug it in at the check out counter at the front of the store. I’m getting a little miffed because it’s not working well. But, I stand there and continue to straighten my hair.

Then this guy comes up to pay for something. H’¹s really good looking in a smart suit. He’s aggravated with me taking up all the room at the counter. He pulls a pack of cigarettes out of his pocket and lights one up. And I’m thinking, “Oh my God! He’s smoking in a store at the checkout counter! Duh!”

I notice he¹s got great hair, but he’s on my nerves because he says something like, “My mom always taught me that when I want something, I should just step up and take it!” And I’m like, “Well, my mom taught me the same thing!”

So I elbow him back a little and keep straightening my hair. The checkout lady tells me that if I want to meet Barack Obama, I need to go to the back of the store in a few minutes because that’s where he’ll be. I’m so happy! My hair’s going to look great when I meet Barack Obama!

All of a sudden I’m at the back of the store and it’s just me, Adorable Girlfriend and Barack Obama. I’m watching both of them quietly as they are trying to open up this huge safe. It’s got one of those handles on it like a gigantic steering wheel! Really huge — way bigger than the both of them.


Are you feeling me, Blue Girl? Love to AG-


Oh, Blue Girl, did you dream about moi???

I really can’t “see” Adorable Girlfriend though. I just see her as a gigantic “AG” in a courier bold typeface [Heh.- ed]. Barack is in a suit and he’s got a huge smile on his face. And I say something like, “Whatta you guys doing?” And AG says, “There are secrets in here and we have to get them!”

Barack is just smiling from ear to ear as he’s cranking on that handle around and around and around. And I’m thinking, “It’s good that he’s smiling! Democrats needs to smile more. Is it good? Maybe it’s not good at all. It looks kind of stupid.”

They continue to crank the wheel and I get bored so I start looking at the price tags on all of the clothes. And AG tells me that although the prices are not marked down, everything is 90% off. And she and I decide that we¹re going to buy everything in the store.

Barack gets mad at us and yells at us, “How can you expect to win the election when all you want to do is shop?”

And AG and I remember that’s exactly right! That’s what Bush wants us to do. And AG makes a total “bummed out” face, (although I still can’t see her face, I just *feel* her bummed-out-ness) but we decide that Barack knows best and we should listen to him. We agree that we won¹t buy anything.

After all, we want to win the election!

We did decide that we could just try the clothes on though. So both AG and I put on these white tops over our clothes. They were really tight and we thought we both looked kind of dorky. (I still can’t see her) They had price tags all over them and I was thinking that the store just does that to confuse you and overcharge you because you would never know what the real price even was.

The dream ends as I’m watching Barack and AG crank that big wheel around in circles. He never lost the smile on his face, and I’m thinking he’s pretty lame by this point because he can’t even figure out how to open up a stupid safe and he absolutely has nothing to be smiling about.

The dream ends as I’m standing there watching them.

I never learned what the secrets in the safe were.

I hate it when that happens, because it always happens. Thanks BG! I know Geenie C. has something to share with us in comments too.