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James Wolcott

Yikes!  This one is too salady for CDC.  But you can read about it here.

George W. Bush

This one was very painful to me, because it featured an arrogant, foolish, incompetent hoseface President cobag.  Also it was super weird!

So, apparently the government is trying to come up with a new policy in relation to this scientific finding published in Science recently. Since nobody really knows how government works, I think in my dream I was figuring out exactly how the current administration works.  How they accomplish new policy is all down to the Decider in Chief, but they can never ask him his opinion directly, they apparently poll him/have him answer surveys.  These surveys come in the form of scantron/answer “bubble” forms.  So Bush has to fill out these forms like he’s taking the SAT.  He’s pissed off all the time because all he does all day is fill in little bubbles for “strongly agree/somewhat agree/no opinion/etc.” with a number 2 pencil.  You can imagine how his responses could be skewed by munchloaves writing slimy poll questions, and also by his own total stupidity. Somehow, he has to answer a survey about this Science paper.  Of course, he knows nothing about it, nor does he want to know.  He just madly fills in bubbles with that clenched face pissed off look.  I’m pissed off because I’m trying to tell him that he can take the time to actually read the documents, and then barely mark the form and have some aid/clerk fill in the rest of the bubbles, but he won’t listen.  He’s just acting like an annoying, paranoid baby.  I kind of hoped Cheney would have come in and just smacked him upside the head, but that never happened.  The whole time I was pissed because I was having a dream about George Effwad Bushbag.

Telly Savalas and Desi Arnaz- ROWR!

Jennifer sends us this season opener- thanks, Jennifer!



She writes:

I had these two dreams relatively close together. I was obviously steeped in the horn-dogginess of youth… both dreams were about intimate knowledge of two famous men. One was Desi Arnaz and the other was Telly Savalas. All I remember about Desi was being in the bathtub with him. I think I was even a little disgusted during the dream, not only upon waking. I don’t remember any particulars except how livery Desi’s lips looked…

I remember a tad more about Telly. I was doing the Vendulu [Intriguing. Wait, what?? -Ed] thing with Telly in the middle of Wasson’s department store. We were underneath some hanging rack of nasty polyester clothes. I’m not sure what was worse, getting caught, or being with Telly. Hindsight tells me it was being with Telly.

I have nothing against Telly or Desi, but they are not my cup of tea. I think my subconscious was just being a smart ass. Or maybe… maybe I was indeed steeped in horn-doginess and just needed a MAN, BABY! Both Desi and Telly were stereotypical macho specimens. Telly with his bald head and Desi… well he was Mr. Latin. Maybe my hormones were just telling me to go find a man and stop trying to focus on finals!!!

Curse their sexy wiles!  They put a spell on you!1!! Also, yikes!!!!!