Monthly Archive for August, 2008

Celebrity Dream Cameo-Kathleen Guest Post

Always in motion is the past, so it is not clear when the below occurred, save that it did, and it is awesome. Some deny Celebrity Dream Cameo. The truth of the matter is that it invades your unconscious mind. Do not taunt Celebrity Dream Cameo! Kathleen writes to CDC:

I had a dream about Celebrity Dream Cameo last night. For real. Celebrity Dream Cameo had a cameo in my dream!!!!! I can’t remember the details, just that I knew I had dreamed about an awesome celebrity and I had to write it up and email it to you. And then I was trying to stuff the pages I had written into a shoe box, but the shoe box was filled with random objects so the papers didn’t fit. And someone was telling me, just take out that stuff, but I said “No! Those things are necessary to understand the dream. I have to send this to Celebrity Dream Cameo”. True story.