Monthly Archive for March, 2009

Zombiez Don’t Eat Obama Brains When They Have the Chance- They Are Partisan Zombiez

ZRM brought us this fresh many moons ago, now it is stale and tastier, just like a zombie would want:

November 4, 2008. While most everybody else was out canvassing, I was working to remove graffiti from a steel bridge in Chicago, because the work of maintaining our infrastructure never stops. No brains were eated.

After finishing for the day, we went to an oldish, kind of beat-up house for dinner and to watch the returns. They were serving a vegan stew and homemade beer. Again, no brains.

Jon Langford was there. We were watching a video he was working on of a Waco Brothers Performance. As we watched, Barack Obama showed up to watch returns with us. Langford played “Dollar Bill The Cowboy” and “Hard Times (are comin’ round again)” while Obama ate some stew. Obama wouldn’t have any of the beer though.

Obama paid little attention as the returns started coming in. When Virginia was called by 7PM, we figured he would go to watch, but he didn’t. I asked him if he was paying attention, it seemed like it might be kind of important; he smiled that big ol’ grin and pulled at a nearly invisible wire behind his ear that fed the (hi, Ann Althouse!) earpiece he was listening to. Then he left.

I don’t know where Jon Langford went.