Monthly Archive for October, 2011


This one was super weird. All I know is that Prince, as in the Artist formerly and currently known as, was in my dream. He was as aloof as usual and he had his usual outfit on, maybe spandex and no shirt (of course) and he was driving this weird boat car and he had three topless girlfriends with him, which I guess makes sense because Prince was topless. I was with Geenie C, and Prince was pulling out of the driveway or maybe pulling away from the dock, and his girlfriends waved to us as if they knew us and we were all friends, but they said “HEY BITCHES!” like that was a nice way to talk to someone. Prince kind of did that look sideways petulant head turn but we didn’t take it personally because it was clear that Prince was just being Prince. I probably turned to GC and said “U should not B 2 mad. U 2 know how Prince B.”