Monthly Archive for May, 2012

Ralph Nader

Guys.  This one was weird.  If I posted this on sites where fights about Ralph Nader and the 2000 election are known to happen, the world would be a vampire sent to drain you.


Anyhow, Ralph was like a Bond villain in this dream.  He was attempting to blow up this building so I guess the movie had a little bit of a Die Hard feel. But the Olympics were also involved.  Olympics in space.  I think this made the the Space Olympics.  I know this sounds like something out of Laser Cats, but it actually seemed pretty real.  Ralph Nader was going to blow up the Space Olympics and somehow I was going to stop him.  We should have voting on these dreams for people to state if they think the dream was real or not.  But I swear to you, this dream felt real.  Much more real than one of Chuckles lie dreams.